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About Us

We are a woman-owned Bernina sewing machine dealership and quilt shop that has an emphasis on quilting and embroidery. We focus on creating an exceptional customer experience.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality products supported by a well-trained, knowledgeable, diversified and friendly staff. We connect enthusiasts to each other, the community and their creativity.

We are a fun quilt store that specializes in a large and colorful selection of fabric and wonderful patterns. We are always happy to help you find that "perfect" fabric to make your quilt just how you imagined it. Come in and be inspired to start that next quilting project!

Why is Our Store Called BERNINA Connection?

In 2002 when we were planning to open, choosing a name was an important part of the process. The Two Words “BERNINA” and “Connection” both held significance. BERNINA needed to be in our name because we are BERNINA loyalists* through and through. The word Connection was also important as we wanted to truly connect with our community; us to you, you to each other and to be the Connection to all the best in the sewing and quilting world!

Why are We BERNINA Folks?

We feel we sell the best machine made; it’s the only family owned sewing machine company left, and that combined with Swiss technology and pride in craft, makes us so proud to sell these wonderful machines. We have been BERNINA dealers for a total of 36 years! That’s a lot of selling, demoing, problem solving and happy customers. We sold a 7 Series machine to a customer this month. It was their 6th BERNINA purchased from us. They had been customers since 1996.

Our Experienced BERNINA Tech Staff

We are 5 strong in this department. They have been trained and certified as BERNINA technicians. Their combined years of experience total 83 years. Our lead tech, Larry Delceg, who has been with us since we opened here has 47 years of experience. His years before he started working for us, were in his father’s Viking dealership where he also had lots of experience working on other brands of machines. Even though we are a BERNINA dealership, we do service all makes and models of other machines. Richard is our 7, 8 & Q Series tech. BERNINA holds regional and national training that our techs attend. When they first start, they attend technical training at BERNINA headquarters in Chicago.

Our Machine Mastery Teachers

Our mastery teachers have been teaching our mastery classes for a combined total of 68 years. That’s a lot of classes and a lot of happy, well informed customers. Our machine mastery classes are FREE to anyone who purchases a machine from us. We welcome our customers to take these classes over again if they would like. Life often is busy and they may feel like they want a refresher class and we understand. Many customers who have not purchased from us also come to take classes from our very knowledgeable staff. We have a tuition fee for anyone who would like to learn from our teachers. They, along with many of our staff, attend BERNINA University each summer where they are kept abreast of all the latest and greatest in BERNINA products. When new machine models or software is introduced they attend the training that BERNINA offers.

 *But we are ecumenical too and welcome ALL machines in our classes except mastery.


Contact Us:

Phone: 602-553-8350
Address: 4219 E. Indian school Rd #103
                 Phoenix, AZ 85018
Hours: Mon-Sat  9:30am - 6pm
            Closed Sunday