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Ribbon Embroidery - Wreath

In this class you will learn the techniques of working with ribbons, which is very different from working with threads by hand. The learning process is made easier by using a ribbon embroidery (RE) kit which contains the multicolor ribbons of different widths, a special needle and a canvas with the floral pattern. You will learn the sequence and procedures of making stem stitch, leaf stitch and French knot well enough to complete the project on your own after class. You are encouraged to ask questions and the learning will be very interactive and rewarding. You can work at your own pace to understand the knowledge and skills of ribbon stitchery, see it’s magic and feel the joy of creating.

Register online or call 502 553 8350

Supply list

Ribbon Embroidery - Wreath

$ 65.00
plus kit fee

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Phone: 602-553-8350
Address: 4219 E. Indian school Rd #103
                 Phoenix, AZ 85018
Hours: Mon-Sat  9:30am - 6pm
            Closed Sunday

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