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You may have heard the seismic rumblings through-out the sewing industry about Bernina’s new 7 series hook. And you may have said to yourself, “What’s a hook? I have no idea. Do I really need to know? Does this in any way affect my life?” The answer is, yes. The hook is the heart of every sewing machine. It is the part that picks up the thread from the back side of your needle and wraps it around the bobbin case. In other words, your sewing machine is actually a knot tying machine, and the hook is the central part that makes it happen.

Have you ever noticed that different brands and models of sewing machines produce very different stitch quality? Examine a zigzag stitch from various brands. Some will pull the bobbin thread up on one side and down on the other. This disappointing result is called ‘revolving tensions’ and is caused by an inferior hook design. You may also have seen machines that are prone to skip stitches or pucker. This is also often due to inferior hook design. Owners of these machines are often frustrated with sewing and are unaware that thetheir sewing experience can be far more enjoyable.

My personal all-time favorite hook design is the patented Bernina ‘CB’. It has been around for decades and has given Bernina its well deserved reputation for exceptional stitch quality. As you read this, you may be asking, “If the CB design is so brilliant, why did Bernina engineer something new for the 7 series?” This is the good news: Bernina has applied all the best aspects of the CB hook into an amazing new design. The 7 series has a jumbo size ‘Super CB’ hook which allows for a 9 mm stitch width and a new bobbin that holds 80% more thread. Its precision made of high density Swiss steel which is highly resistant to needle pings. And as with its predecessor, the stitch quality is beautiful.

So now you know: Every time you complete a quilt or sew a new skirt – and examine your new creation, the quality of the stitches you see are largely due to the design of your machine’s hook. And about those industry-wide seismic rumblings… you’re hearing them for a good reason. Bernina’s new design has ensured that your sewing future will be bright.


Larry Delceg - Lead Technician-Service Department Manager
Karen Delceg - Serger Technician

Richard Miller - 7, 8 & Q Series Technician


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