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When selecting a new machine to purchase, most people consider features, ease of use and workmanship. And in all of these areas Bernina shines as the industry leader. However, there is also an often overlooked factor to consider–serviceability. defines serviceability as “The ease with which corrective maintenance or preventative maintenance  can be performed  on a system  (e.g. by a  hardware  service technician).  Higher  serviceability  improves availability  and  reduces service cost.”   This speaks directly to the sewing enthusiast, as serviceability defines the ease with which maintenance can be performed on a specific brand and model. 

Now, you may be asking, “Why does this matter?” It matters because purchasing a sewing machine is different than buying a household appliance like a toaster or electric can opener. Like a car, it is complex and will require routine maintenance to perform well and with longevity. In other words, it WILL need service. A trained technician will need to periodically remove the covers, clean all interior surfaces, lubricate every friction point and reset every adjustment to factory specs. However, many consumers do not realize that many brands and models of sewing machines have not been designed with serviceability in mind. Some have exterior covers that are difficult and time consuming to remove. It appears  that  these  designers were not thinking beyond the manufacturing assembly process. Others have lubrication points that are nearly impossible to access. This will limit the machine’s lifespan. Some have parts that are not available (even for newer models) and the machine becomes unrepairable. Many have timing points and clearance adjustments that are pinned and are not adjustable. If they are out of adjustment there is no resolution - the owner will have to suffer with mediocre stitch quality.

Bernina's have been designed with serviceability in mind.  They are easy to disassemble. The interior parts are almost entirely metal.  Lubrication points are easy to access.  Everything about them is adjustable.  Parts are available for many years - usually decades.  Required factory service training is provided for all dealers. They provide us with special gauges and tools, software based manuals, schematics, electronic firmware upgrades, videos, and personal phone support. There is almost no situation in which your machine cannot be returned to perfect running condition.  This commitment to serviceability is one of the primary reasons why owners consider Bernina to be the best long term investment that any passionate sewer can make.

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